How to Solve the Youth Problem in the West

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What a wonderful  look at the youth problem in North American and western society, with very good lesson to be learned from the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam.

Brother Nouman Ali Khan has some practical solutions to the problem, he introduced new positions in the Masjed like:

  • Muslim youth Director
  • Muslim sociotherapist
  • Muslim Social Worker
  • Muslim Pediatricians “Male and Female”

Also, advice the parent to:

  • Know who you’r kids friends are المرء علي دين خليله
  • Know the family’s of those friends
  • Open communication with your kids
    • Don’t close any door with your kids
    • Listen!!!
    • Don’t wait till the ship has sailed!!!

With no more to add here is the speech enjoy and share and make dua

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